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Edu-petit Soothe And Cuddle Toy, Ellie The Elephant

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Soothe And Cuddle Toy

The youngster might take the Soothe And Cuddle Toy just about everywhere. A list of characteristics are soft plush velor and silky fabric and tether attached and crinkel noise. The elephant comes in ellie the elephant. I would like you to get the best price and service when acquiring a doll for your child!


Model: MB1201
Color: Ellie the Elephant
Package Quantity: 1

Soothe and Cuddle Ellie the Elephant is made of super soft velour and silky fabrics. The perfect 1st toy for your baby. 9"x 7"is just the proper size for baby to hold and snuggle. Ellie the Elephants ears make crinkle sounds, her physique is a silky fabric in addition to a teething ring hangs at her neck.


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