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Webkinz Plush Kinz Klip Velvety Elephant

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Plush Kinz Klip Velvety Elephant

The child will delight in this Plush Kinz Klip Velvety Elephant . The EAN-13 barcode aka the "International Article Number", for this is 0661371313160. Should you need a great deal on this elephant doll for your child, visit the add to cart button.


MPN: WE000733
UPS: 661371313160
Package Quantity: 1

Webkinz Kinz Klip are 4"(approximate) versions of your favorite Webkinz pet. Your Kinz Klips can be attached to your jacket, backpack, or other favorite items. Discover the Magical World of 'Zumwhere' In the Magical Forest -- search for the 48 Zums that are hiding. Ages 6 and up. The much more Kinz Klips you have, the easier they are to find. Finding the Zums unlock exclusive virtual prizes. MUST have a valid (active) Webkinz account to activate distinctive feature code. Play other challenging mini games. Every single Kinz Klip carries an unused (sealed) function code.


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