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Fiesta Toy Peek-a-boo Plush 18 Elephant

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Peekaboo Plush 18 Elephant

Your kids will adore the Peek-a-boo Plush 18 by Fiesta Toy. Barcode number 091671735926. The color of these elephant toys is grey, pink, white. I think you will like that the doll comes along with this feature, fiesta stuffed animals are soft and cuddly these plush toys soothe, comfort and encourage creative play. Other highlights consist of 2-in-1 pillow and a plush toy. It's 6.5"H x 23"L x 18"W. Choosing the Peek-a-boo Plush 18 .

Fiesta Toy

Model: A35926
UPS: 091671735926
Color: Grey, Pink, White
Package Quantity: 1

Peek-A-Boo Plush is truly a pillow that unzips and becomes a stuffed animal. ' Unzip again, and the animal becomes a pillow. Soft fabrics and Fiesta functions novelty plush and cool toys � fun stuff and timeless favorite toys which will give hours of enjoyment. Fiesta stuffed animals and toys soothe, comfort, and encourage creative play.


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