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Indian Elephant

Indian Elephant4 Star Rating
Indian Elephant
Indian Elephant In Gray Will Be Your Children's Best New Toy Doll

gray Indian Elephant has always been lovely. In my opinion, you will love that the item features fun fact: elephants can consume over five hundred pounds of food per day. Other highlights include things like 6. 4 x 2. 4 x 3. 6 inches, primary habitat: grassland and conservation status: endangered (en). The UPC barcode for this is 658183141449. The color for these elephant dolls is gray. The elephant is 4.3"H x 2.4"L x 6.3"W and weighs something like 0.55 lbs, add to cart by selecting the link below.

indian elephant long trunk tough tusks

Price: $14.80

Full Description

A long trunk, tough tusks and big ears are bold functions of this lowly leaf-eater. As with the African elephants, the matriarch is in charge and ensures that all inside the herd adhere to the social customs from the community. Although they do not stay in one spot for more than a quantity of days, the habitat of this elephant varies but is often close to areas of scrub-forest. These mammals are in a position to imagine how others in the herd are feeling and remember information like differentiating between individuals, recalling the knowledge of a drought, or knowing where the best feeding places are. Experts believe that elephants have big brains. Indian elephants live in family groups which can be composed of between two and ten elephants. Indian elephants appear related to African elephants but have shorter tusks and smaller ears.

  • Zoological Name: Elephas maximus
  • Fun Fact: Elephants can consume over five hundred pounds of food per day.
  • 6. 4 x 2. 4 x 3. 6 inches
  • Conservation Status: Endangered (EN)
  • Primary Habitat: Grassland
  • Qty: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 4.3" Length: 2.4" Width: 6.3"
  • Product Weight: 0.55 lbs.
  • Package Dim.: Height: 1.5" Length: 3.7" Depth: 3"
  • Package Weight: 0.7 lbs. Indian Elephant

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