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Aurora World 10 Dreamy Love Elephant Plush

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
10 Dreamy Love Elephant Plush

I in fact liked that the item had the feature of made with colorful plush and shimmer fabric accents. Other features include things like embroidered lips on the cheek. UPC Number 092943077102. It's 9.5" Height x 7" Length x 8.5" Width. I would like for you to get the best price and service when choosing an elephant doll. Please click on the buyers market link below.

Aurora World Inc

Model: 07710
UPS: 092943077102
Package Quantity: 1

Aurora World's Dreamy Love Elephant has endearing eyes and super soft purple plush with shimmer accents. Dreamy Enjoy Elephant is element from the Pucker Up collection and attributes embroidered lips on his cheek. When you squeeze his tummy you'll hear a"smooch"and his cheeks light up. Aurora World has been designing and manufacturing high quality plush for over 30 years.


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